Trip to Gokarna – Last Day

We woke up to another breakfast of toast and omelets, downed with a tall glass of chai. Ankit wanted to go to a temple in Gokarna (supposedly to wash off the sins of watching bikini-clad women on the beaches), and after bidding adieu to Om beach, we took a rickshaw which got us to Gokarna town (pretty far from Om beach – be prepared to spend around 140 bucks) in around half an hour. The town is famous for its temples and has quite a few temples which you can visit. Outside the temple are small shops from which religious souvenirs can be bought at cheap rates. Also, two chariots can be seen which lead a procession during the Shivratri festival, a time when Gokarna is frequented by about 20000 pilgrims. We shopped around for some clothes to take back as souvenirs of our trip, myself opting for a rather trippy, hippie saffron Om kurta.

Lunch was heavenly curd rice from Pai Hotel – a dish made by curd mixed with rice and cummin seeds, cashew nuts and dried grapes; washed down by sweet lassi. Stomachs pleased, we caught the bus to Gokarna railway station. Be warned though, its a good 10-15 minute walk from the bus stop to the secluded railway station, and can get tiring in the afternoon sun.

Half an hour later, the train arrived and we clicked photos at Gokarna one final time, before getting back to the daily grind.


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